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Who are We?

The Journal of Cryptocurrency (JCC) is an open-access, international journal that is designed to host comprehensive reviews and other pieces of literature that are relevant to the cryptosphere. We accept and publish articles that are submitted to us by various crypto projects after a lengthy review process by all members of our board. Topics that you may find within our journal range from blockchain technology to project reviews as well as financial-related information within the scope of cryptocurrency. Currently, the journal only publishes articles in English. However, more translations will be available in the future.
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The Journal of Cryptocurrency (JCC) Commitment to Excellence

When formulating the Journal of Cryptocurrency (JCC), our goal was to create a scholarly and reliable, academic entity in the space that developers, users, and spectators alike could use to gain greater insight. The reason that we decided to undergo this project is because that we found a startling lack of academically-driven information within the cryptospace. The majority of content produced regarding cryptocurrency is usually focused on current events. However, there are almost no sources that maintain a strong devotion to breaking down the various facets of the industry. Therefore, in creating the Journal of Cryptocurrency (JCC), it is our hope that we will eventually become a pillar of the community that it leans on to gather effective, well-researched and unbiased information. We take our integrity very seriously and therefore, will not be "bought" or swayed to write/produce/publish content that is influenced by an outside agenda or pressure. Thus, while we do offer the services of having a writer curate on a topic that a project/crypto user has requested and paid for, we will not acquiesce to any of the requests of the buyer in terms of how the article should be written or what tilt it should be given. Therefore, no refunds will be given for those that dislike how their project was depicted. Therefore, those commissioning scholarly pieces to be written by the Journal of Cryptocurrency (JCC), should think long and hard before making this final decision. We will not be excessively harsh or overly judgment/critical in our reviews, but we will be fair and put out any and all discrepancies. Projects are free to post rebuttals to the content that we do publish on our site if they find it unfavorable, and we will host this rebuttal if the project deems it so necessary. However, we reserve the right to always have the "final say" on the issue as it pertains to the content on our website. So, after a response piece is received, we will then make comments on that response piece in yet another follow-up article and that will be the furthest length to which a single commissioned assignment will go. In addition to the principles and arrangements stated above, we also reserve the right to curate content independent of any 3rd-party source, whether they agree or not. This is a basic expression of our right and sense of fidelity to providing the most information possible with regards to the information being presented within this realm. If there are any further questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at
Journal of Cryptocurrency (JCC) Team

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Journal Access

All articles published in the Journal of Cryptocurrency (JCC) are freely accessible for the time being during the initial beta period of the website. However, upon consideration and further review, we may, at our discretion, decide to exercise the option to introduce content that can only be accessed via subscription. However, as of now, access for readers of the JCC will remain free for the near future. In order to retain this model, we are offering the option for 3rd-party, unrelated companies in the cryptosphere the opportunity to rent banner space on a weekly basis (contact for pricing). In addition, any articles that are personally curated by our writers must also be done so at cost.

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